Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018—PALCO Gathering

I'd love to get a morning with you and few others for Romans 1:12 mutual encouragement—and to wrestle the four questions below.

Thursday, March 15, 2018
9 AM to 11:30 AM—then a working lunch until 1 PM
(8:45 AM Coffee Time)

Part 1    Heart: How Are You Doing?
             * Coffee, Community, and Check In

Part 2    Head: What's Your Definition of Leadership?
             * Why is this important?

Part 3    Hands: How Do You Find Time for Disciplemaking?
             * What are some best practices?

Part 4    Heels: What Are Your Top 3 Greatest Challenges?
             * In Life? In Ministry?

Part 5    Snap the Line
             * So what?

Part 6    Lunch with Peoria Area Youth Network.
             * My friend, Derrick Smothers from The E3 Connection will
                be leading us.

The Christian Center
4100 N. Brandywine Dr, Peoria, IL 61614
* We'll be in the Birthday Party room by the bowling alley.

Cost will be $10 per person which helps covers expenses and includes lunch with the Peoria Area Youth Network from 11:30 AM to 1 PM.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

The 2018 Kavanah Read Thru the New Testament Together

For years now we've been talking about "the 15 minutes a day that will change your life forever."

Of course, we're talking about reading the Bible. But not just reading the Bible—as good as that can be. What we're talking about is reading the Bible together. Why "together"? Because reading the Bible by yourself is great, but reading the Bible together is exponentially more transformative. (Don't believe me? True short story here and another here.)

So this is your invitation to join us—and to invite others to join you—in this 2018 adventure through the New Testament twice.

Here's the plan Stan...

(Youversion makes it possible to not only read the Bible online via your smart phone, iPad, or computer, but you also can read it in whatever translation you choose. Another bonus is that you can also listen to an audio of each day's readings for FREE!)

But Wait! There's More!
As we read through the New Testament together this year, we're going to be looking for Kavanah. What's Kavanah? That's a great question.
Kavanah is a Hebrew word that helps us understand how God empowers us to live as disciplemakers. 

In its simplest form, Kavanah means “to aim.” In disciplemaking, it describes the place where my disciplined actions meet God’s active presence in my life.

If disciplemaking is about following Jesus together, every day, we need his power to do it. And Kavanah helps us see how.

We find the roots of Kavanah in the Babylonian Talmud. Berakoth 32b says, “Our Rabbis taught: Four things require to be done with Kavanah, namely, [study of] the Torah, good deeds [loving others and showing kindness], praying always, and one’s worldly occupation.”

Kavanah is how we hit the bullseye as a disciple. It enables us to be filled up by Jesus, anticipating what God is going to do in us, through us and around us.

We practice these four priorities with others, depending on the help of the Holy Spirit to hit the Kavanah bullseye...
1. Studying God’s Word to know and love God.
2. Prayerfulness
3. Loving others as an overflow of God’s extravagant love for us.
4. Living a Colossians 3:23 (C323) life of worship where we live, work, and play.

As we study, pray, love and live together, we hit the bullseye as disciples—who makes disciples—who make more disciples.

So as we read this year, I suggest every time you come across one of the four Kavanah priorities in your Bible reading, you make a note in your Bible like so...
* "W" = study God's Word to know and love God
* "P" = prayerfulness
* "L" = loved extravagantly by God to extravagantly love others
* "C" = a C323 (Colossians 3:23) life of worship

If you're really crazy and fun, consider using four different colored pencils/highlighters—one for each of the four Kavanah priorities. When you're done, you'll have a fun and simply way of seeing just how much Kavanah is in the New Testament.

Well, there are only two questions left to ask:
1. Are YOU in?
2. Whom will you invite to join you?

The better, stronger relationship with God that you've always longed for will not happen accidentally.

With whom do you need to share this post?

What are you waiting for?

What might God do if you dared to pray the Disciplemaker's Prayer?

Monday, November 20, 2017

Send Bill of Picture of you and your disciplemaking friends

Next time you're discipling a friend or a few friends, please email me or text me a pic like these below!
It makes my day.
Your disciplemaking pal,

Sunday, September 10, 2017

10/6/17 PALCO Lunch Friends Encouragement

How crazy and fun would it be if we had lunch together with no agenda other than to encourage each other?

That would be THIS lunch gathering!

Mind. Blown.

Friday, October 6th
11:30 AM-1 PM

Because the Apostle Paul thinks disciplemaking friendships matter...
"When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours." —Paul, Romans 1:12

Expect 90 minutes of great food, low programming, and lots of Romans 1:12 opportunities for mutual connection, encouragement, and community.

Invite a non-PALCO friend if you're so inclined.

If you're attending and/or bringing a friend, please email me ASAP so I can make sure we're good to go with Pizza Ranch.

Always an invitation. Never any pressure.

Below: Pics take at the  From Disciples to Disciplemakers PALCO training experience last Thursday at the Christian Center in Peoria.
(TW +  ) x   = 
(TW + K4) x    =   
(TW + K4) x 3G = 
(TW + K4) x 3G = DF

Wondering what (TW + K4) x 3G = DF means?
We had a ball exploring it together the whole morning :  )

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

9/7/17 From Disciples to DiscipleMAKERS

When Jesus said, "Come and see," he wasn't inviting people to a program. He was inviting potential disciples to a relationship with him.

We think of these relationships as Disciplemaking Friendships.

It turns out that Disciplemaking Friendships aren't simply an ingredient for disciplemaking—but actually how Jesus makes disciples into disciplemakers.

That's exactly what we're going to explore in our next gathering of the Peoria Area Leadership Community Ongoing (PALCO)!

We'll wrestle three nonnegotiables for helping disciples become disciplemakers.

Thursday, September 7th

Coffee and goodies at 8:30 AM
Training from 9 AM to 12 Noon 

Let's pick a place and get lunch together. (Each person pays for himself.)

The Christian Center 
4100 N. Brandywine Dr
Peoria, IL 61602

PALC alumni—and anyone you'd like to invite.

Please email Bill ASAP if you plan to be a part of this time of training and community.

$25 per person and includes the training experience and training materials you'll be able to use in your life and ministry immediately.
* To pay tuition via regular mail, send a check to: Cadre Ministries, PO Box 264, Mossville, IL 61552 and include a note that the check is for PALCO.
* Even if you plan to pay tuition on the day of our gathering via a credit card, please register with Bill via email ASAP.
(If money is truly an issue for you, let me know and I'll take care of it for you. Not joking. I love you.)

Be sure to bring your Bible, pen, and money for lunch. FYI: I'll have a few other disciplemaking resources for those so inclined to purchase these.

Training Presentations?
If after experiencing this training, YOU would like to do the training in your ministry, simply let Bill know and he'll explain how to make that can happen.

Can You Help?
We need someone to bring...
* healthy snacks
* donuts and goodies for the rest of us who don't care if we die young
* coffee
Please let Bill know ASAP if you can you help with one of these!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Becoming the Disicplemaker You've Always Wanted to Be...

If you fail with volunteers, then you fail in ministry.

So, if you really want your ministry to thrive for the glory of God, then you'd better figure out how to help volunteers be disciples who make disciples who make more disciples.

I have great news for you.

Help is on the way!

Here is your invitation to to make the Summer of 2017 a "summer of love" for God, volunteers, and your ministry. Even more good news: You are free to participate in one, two, or all three of these summer training experiences for one-time tuition of $30 (includes training materials). Here's the plan...

Session #1 
Being a Disciple...
We'll explore...
* Why a disciple's attitude is critically important
* How to tap into the power of transformational learning
* Your most important job as a disciple
* Thursday, July 6, 2017, 9 AM to 12 Noon
* The Metal Barn, 9621 State Rt 91, Peoria, IL 61615

Session #2 
Who Makes Disciples...
We'll explore...
* Why programs can either hinder or help disciplemaking
* How to measure the success of disciplemaking
* How disciplemaking and evangelism are connected
* Thursday, July 27, 2017, 9 AM to 12 Noon
* The Metal Barn, 9621 State Rt 91, Peoria, IL 61615

Session #3 
Who Make MORE Disciples... 
We'll explore...
* Multiplying disciplemakers step #1
* How to lead up without sucking up
* How to lead when you feel like quitting
* Thursday, August 24, 2017, 9 AM to 12 Noon
* The Metal Barn, 9621 State Rt 91, Peoria, IL 61615

Each of these three training sessions are filled with practical tools for personal and team assessments. You should use what your learn with the volunteers who serve in ministry with you as soon as possible. You'll leave with clear next steps for immediate application.

This training is for anyone who serves in a ministry—volunteers and/or paid staff. If possible, please bring another leader (volunteer or paid staff) from your church or ministry as this will help you both process and apply these training experiences. If you aren't able to bring someone from your church or ministry, you're welcome to bring another ministry leader from your network or denomination. If you can't find anyone else to join you for one or more of these training sessions, please come yourself.

There is a one-time tuition of $30 per person (includes training materials) whether you participate in one, two, or all three of these summer equipping experiences.

Training Materials?

Each person will get the updated edition of the Disciplemaker's Guide to Grow, Minister, and Lead book—a ten chapter disciplemaking manual for anyone who works with volunteers in a ministry setting. 

To save your spot in one of more of these training experiences, please contact Bill and let him know what dates you'll be attending and who you're bringing with you.

Spread the Word?
For a link to share on social media or with a friend via email or a test, copy this and paste away:   For a PFD download of this information you can share with others (great for bulletin stuffers), go here.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Start Your Summer Ministry Off Right!

Summer ministry can and should be a strategic time of relational disciplemaking.

You and the volunteers and key students who serve in ministry with you need encouragement and equipping to make the most of this summer for the Kingdom of God.

Here's how you can start your summer ministry 2017 off right...

When and Where?
Saturday, June 10, 2017
8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Doors will open at CrossPoint in Eureka at 8 AM.
Note: I encourage you to seriously consider doing a light working lunch together from 12:30-1:30 PM in your respective churches and ministries—and using that time for processing and applying as a group. The training manual will help you walk your group through a process of applying what you learned to your various ministry. This is super strategic on so many levels and makes walking away from the training without applying it very challenging. The lunch food can be something as simple as having sub sandwiches and chips ready at the church by 12:30 PM that day—or going out to a place where you can eat a light lunch and process together. If you go with the working lunch (which I hope you do), please let your people know that you’ll be providing lunch. People love to attend stuff like this when they get to eat for free. That might just be me : )

Cadre’s Ministry Is Relationships training experience. Complete details on the content of the training here. Please feel free to take what is at the link and use it as promo. Here's a WORD doc that you can tweak the details on and then use as a bulletin stuffer. Get the WORD out ASAP!

Anyone junior high through senior citizen. It’s even better if you get people who volunteer in ministries together to experience the training with each other… i.e., youth ministry, children’s ministry, women’s ministry, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, elders, worship team, etc. These volunteers can experience and process the training for their lives AND ministry this way.

$15 per person for training materials.
Note: We're asking each ministry that attends to prayerfully consider a love offering of any size for Cadre Missionaries. This is NOT required in any way shape or form. 

Please RSVP ASAP and get your numbers to Bill no later than Thursday, June 8th.

Can't wait.